asdas December 2016 - Live from Lockdown

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    Hood PTSD is Real

    I know a secret that most men and women in prison and in urban America suffer from. Our secret is is Hood Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Hood PTSD). Hood PTSD is an understanding and recognition that men, women and children raised in war-torn ghettos across the United States of America face the same harms, anxieties and mental disorders as our soldiers who serve in the military and go to war. I believe my mental disorder (Hood PTSD) was caused by numerous factors such as abusive parents,...READ MORE


    I Thought You Meant Forever

    You must love me, or not. It’s been a long time and time has revealed a truth we knew but ignored: You weren’t down for me. The many times you spoke those words were only a lie. You waited, you grabbed hold of all you could, sucked me dry, then I fell, and you fell off. After refusing to speak to me for years and years, when you finally opened your mouth you told me of all my mistakes and errors and how that was what caused your betrayal. It wasn’t until now that I realized a...READ MORE


    The Mis-Education of Black Children

    “The marvel of the living mind is that when it is illumined it can move into uncharted territories. It is enabled to take this step not out of reaction to the hurts of the past, but through the miracle of liberation from them…” -Indira Gandhi I read somewhere that “one of the highest most universal freedom in the world is the freedom to educate your children to live free.” But that is a freedom consistently, systematically and viciously denied the children of African descent in...READ MORE


    The Trump Era: Prisoners Bracing for the Unknown

    It has been gloomy in prison since the presidential election. Prisoners have much to worry about with the Trump administration, especially in light of potential cabinet members like Senator Jeff Sessions (Attorney General). Many of Trump’s cabinet members are blatantly racist perspective and many have in the past taken a strong stance against second chances and opportunities for redemption for felons. The drug laws and related sentences that the Obama administration worked to correct that...READ MORE


    Socially Engineered for Self Destruction

    Are we beyond redemption?  Thought precedes actions. Thought is the mother of all deeds and the reason for all of life’s circumstances. Those who control thought control cause; cause produces effect. We are either cause or effect. You cannot be both because the origin of any effect is the cause. And the effect of the cause is called circumstance. In other words, we are not the problem (our problems), we are the results of the problem. The problem we did not create. But, we either...READ MORE


    Only We Can Improve Our Communities

    Well…50 years ago, we couldn’t imagine the day when a black man would become President of the United States. Then out of nowhere came Barack Obama–half white, half black, but black enough. When he became President, Blacks were elated and filled with super optimism. I remember receiving messages from people believing that racists would run for the hills and the black communities would finally prosper. Everyone believed the change had finally come. But now, eight years later,...READ MORE


    Boss Talk: Amerikkka’s Prison System

    Raise UP ↑ Su-Whoop to my Damu-komrades in the struggle who remain solid and real right despite the family loss, institutional disrespect and the betrayal from those who look, talk and used to believe in duty, honor and loyalty like us! I’m stayin’ up and ready, anything else is beneath me. When you need me, I’m here loved-ones. And Salaam to all my brothers stayin’ spiritually grounded and walking in the light of truth. I salute and admire any man of honor and great...READ MORE

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